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#BeOpen and welcome new experiences. Find things you love and taste the quality of a craft tequila. Abre Ojos Tequila, favored by those looking for unparalleled smoothness, and preferred by aficionados for its incredible aromas and flavors. Enjoy what you drink, and the people you are with.

Abre Ojos (aw-breh-oh-hos) Translates to “Open Eyes”


{In Memory of Luis Gabriel Orendain Robles}


Inspiration behind the name

Not a highly traveled tourist destination, but more of a surf get away to avoid crowds at nearby spots or even the craziness of Southern California. The name Abre Ojos comes from a little fishing village in Baja California Sur called Punta Abre Ojos. Abre Ojos translated from Spanish means “Open Eyes”. 


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