Tres Leyendas Reserva Especial Para Abre Ojos

A collaboration with our family in México Tres Leyendas Tequila Reserva Especial Para Abre Ojos uses 100% Estate grown Blue Weber grown in the Lowlands of México.  To bring tequila back to its true Traditional Artisanal roots, we use a Tahona press.  Not designed for mass production quantity but for amazing quality. With 9 kilos of agave sugar per bottle of Tres Leyendas Reserva Especial defines this as a very special Tequila.  Each bottle is individually hand number for authenticity.


  • Agave Region: Estate grown in the Lowlands of Jalisco
  • Agave Percent: 100% All Natural Blue Weber (pesticide and fertilizer free)
  • Cooking: Traditional Brick Oven up to 72 hours
  • Juice Extraction: Stone Tahona
  • Fermentation: Natural open air
  • Distillation: 2 times distilled in Alambique stills
  • Aging: Rested up to 45 days in Stainless steel
  • Alcohol Content: 40% ALC. by vol/80 proof



The very distinct rich agave flavor defines Tres Leyendas and boasts of its 9 kilos of agave per bottle. Followed by pleasant contrasts of special cinnamon notes and some fruity nuances, while confirming its potential by leaving a taste with great viscosity. Complimented by an uncharacteristically smooth flavor, and pleasant aroma as the thick body legs run down the side of the glass.


*Suggested Retail- $80 usd 

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