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Abre Ojos is an Artisanal “Craft” tequila produced in small batches. Made with 100% Lowland Estate grown blue weber agave. Distilled and bottled in the historical town of Tequila in the state of Jalisco México. Abre Ojos is all-natural by growing the agave without pesticides, fertilizers and using open air fermentation. To ensure the highest quality, each process is carried out slowly and carefully.

It can take up to10-12 years for each Agave to ripen before harvesting. The Agave are slowly cooked in traditional brick ovens, and carefully distilled twice. Our Master Distiller Louis Gabriel Orendain Robles has been crafting tequila for most of his life. He combines new technology with old family traditions to create the unique flavors and aromas of Abre Ojos. We strive to prevail with Abre Ojos and hope you enjoy our craft.